Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 3 SO many blessings!

Hey good to here the grandparents are doing good! Last time we could go to the temple was today because I guess its going under reconstruction so that kinda stinks! I love the temple so much!  Most peaceful place on earth. The coolest thing happened tho the MTC president asked to having a interview with my companion and I!!! we thought we were in trouble but turns out he knows my companions dad so we got to take pics with him and hangout with him for like 1 hour! so crazy most people never even get to talk to him but I got to tell him about my family and get to know him and got a hug! so many blessings here! Same old same here tho lots of studying and very little sleep! love ya Elder Karl

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  1. Sounds like our prayers are being answered. Keep studying and soon you will be bringing souls to Christ. I know you will be successful. No one could turn away anyone with a smile like yours. God speed. Love. Ruby