Monday, January 27, 2014

Having a bad week :(

  Well this has been for sure my hardest week on  the mission so far! To start we got a new guy in the apartment. Elder Godfrey left and we got Elder Glover, he is in his 15th transfer so he is an old guy ;) but he is funny and I enjoy him a lot so that was good! But the rain never fails to come and makes porting about as fun as knocking on doors in the freezing rain... oh wait :p also the people have been an extra kind of rude and mean this week, not sure if they also had a bad week but man did people give us a piece of their minds! So that's always fun;) I have started to realize that on my mission I am going to have the best days of my life, but also the worst days! It is very give and take on a mission, when bad things happen something good comes and also the other way around! So I am finding that you just have to stick out the hard and rough times to get to the amazing & wonderful times. I wish I had amazing things to write but this week was just very rough and had very little success and just trying to start off the new week better so that's our goal! But same old same in good ol' Brussels! Love you all and trust in the lord! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Rain and cops

      So I had a very long and exciting week! To start I finished my first transfer! What up haha But it is going fast so far stay busy with the work and you lose track of time. So we had to do legality this week for Belgium. So you know what that means... I got to see Elder Beck!!! haha we are like 2 school girls when we see each other we scream then hug and hop around for a while;) But it was such a blessing to see him he is doing well. Later that night we taught a lesson to a man named sammy from Africa. Probably one of the smartest people I have ever met and he knows the bible better then I know how spell my name! So it was a challenge but I have never felt the spirit so much while teaching the restoration then I did that night. Also was the strongest testimony I have ever given! It went so well and the house was prob flying in the air from how much the spirit was pouring out itself upon us and upon sammy! Amazing lesson to say the least. All week however it has rained from the time we get up until we go to bed... not fun in the cold and dress clothes! Later that week we were porting and surprise cops pull up but this time they were not in such a good mood they tried to do everything they could to arrest us but thank goodness we had all of our paper work but they told us to go home and were so rude and mean it just blew my mind how much people hate us and they started making fun of our church and Jesus it was sick! I don't understand some people. I also got a package from my mom with tons of american food so shout out to her for being awesome! Sunday we did not get denied 1 time everyone let us in and teach them so crazy the lord blesses us beyond belief it was amazing and we got a lot of new aime's! Love and miss everyone until next time stay classy and trust in the lord -Elder Karl

Monday, January 13, 2014

Elder Karl is teaching a prince!

Blog letter
 Bonjour! Another long week in good o'l Belgium! This week we did exchanges and I was in charge of the ville and my companion was also a blue (new) So we had to get by talking to people with the little french we had together but it went really well we gave out 3 b.o.m (Book of Mormon) and got 2 new aime's (investagators) But later that night I took us out porting and we got so lost lol. We ended up in downtown brussels which is like 8 miles from our apartment so you can say our legs got a good workout ;) but now I know a large part of our area by foot! Also this week we taught a man from the congo that we have been teaching for a while his name is johnny (jo-knee) thats how it sounds though and he is still on track to get baptized on feb 9! so excited for him and also I might be the one to do it which is just a bonus ;). Then we had a zone conference and I got to see Elder Beck who is like my best-friend out here so it was so fun seeing him and getting to joke around and being around someone you enjoy being with lol. Another cool thing that happened this week was that we were walking through the park during night time and we walk into some kind of strange bubble concert! There were millions of bubbles and cool lights and a live band playing so we talked to tons of people there and also got to enjoy the music a win -win. My testimony of prayer has grown so much this week I have just been getting so many blessings and seeing how much the Lord listens and cares for us and if you want to talk to him all you have to do is get on yours knees and pray and pour your heart out! It has truly been amazing. Also we taught a guy this week named kingsley he is from (nigeria) my spelling is bad but ├žava! So we are teaching him and find out he is a prince from (nigeria) So I taught a prince about Jesus lol pretty cool I think. Thank you everyone for the christmas cards they were awesome! Very much needed so thank you all for the love and support! Love you and miss you all! -Elder Karl

Monday, January 6, 2014

First email of the New Year!

Shane tends to use run on sentences.. lol. I've added a few punctuation marks for easier reading but it's fun to read it as he wrote it!

Thats funny you read the joseph fielding smith jr book, we got the same one here lol. I really do hope I make you proud and I hope you know I am trying very very hard out here. The language is very hard but alot of people speak english but I feel like its a handicap because when I go to an area thats all french speaking I will be very far behind from where I should be. I have got some stories lol, first of all everyone in my apartment this past week has been very sick. That is everyone but me, so I have been having to get up all alone and work out alone and watch everyone sleep haha. New years was fun though. new years eve we went to a members home and ate lots of food and treats then played this fun dice game. We arrived home around 9 and I ask the others if we are gonna stay up for 2014 and they all say no, so I put in my ear plugs.... because my companion snores lol but I am dead asleep and out of nowhere the lights turn on and I hear yelling and things getting thrown everywhere. I thought drunk people broke into our apartment but it was the other elders lol and they all jumped into my bed and it was really funny. On new years day we ate at a french members home and had meats and cheeses on bread. But they have a son and he showed me a picture of his girlfriend so I said wow votre petit dejani est tre belle. I thought I said you girlfriend is very beautiful but really I said your breakfast is very beautiful hahahaha everyone got a good laugh out of that. Also while porting (tracking?) this week we were in this nice group of houses and were going good & strong for about 1 hour then out of nowhere 3 cop cars pull up and they pull their guns on us and tell us not to move and ask for identification but I dont have mine yet so I hand them my PA drivers license and they look at me like I'm crazy haha and my companion had to explain everything and it took like 45 min lol. Last story this morning I wanted to go for a run and Elder Barr said he would go with me so I was happy so its raining but we still go and we are running and a huge wind storm comes in so we are running home and a huge plastic fence comes out of nowhere and just nails me and I fly into the mud, no worries Im fine but I was covered in mud and it was not a good start to my day:) But all is well here still going strong and praying hard. Did you ever contact the mtc about that package david's family sent? I'm happy to hear you guys are staying busy but still finding time to enjoy the blessings of the lord and the temple. love and miss you so much. love Elder Karl