Monday, January 20, 2014

Rain and cops

      So I had a very long and exciting week! To start I finished my first transfer! What up haha But it is going fast so far stay busy with the work and you lose track of time. So we had to do legality this week for Belgium. So you know what that means... I got to see Elder Beck!!! haha we are like 2 school girls when we see each other we scream then hug and hop around for a while;) But it was such a blessing to see him he is doing well. Later that night we taught a lesson to a man named sammy from Africa. Probably one of the smartest people I have ever met and he knows the bible better then I know how spell my name! So it was a challenge but I have never felt the spirit so much while teaching the restoration then I did that night. Also was the strongest testimony I have ever given! It went so well and the house was prob flying in the air from how much the spirit was pouring out itself upon us and upon sammy! Amazing lesson to say the least. All week however it has rained from the time we get up until we go to bed... not fun in the cold and dress clothes! Later that week we were porting and surprise cops pull up but this time they were not in such a good mood they tried to do everything they could to arrest us but thank goodness we had all of our paper work but they told us to go home and were so rude and mean it just blew my mind how much people hate us and they started making fun of our church and Jesus it was sick! I don't understand some people. I also got a package from my mom with tons of american food so shout out to her for being awesome! Sunday we did not get denied 1 time everyone let us in and teach them so crazy the lord blesses us beyond belief it was amazing and we got a lot of new aime's! Love and miss everyone until next time stay classy and trust in the lord -Elder Karl

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  1. Hi Shane, You can see the Lord is blessing you after you have been ridiculed by softening the hearts of the people to let you in and accept your message. Hang in there. You are doing a good job. In the end, we win. Love. Ruby