Monday, January 13, 2014

Elder Karl is teaching a prince!

Blog letter
 Bonjour! Another long week in good o'l Belgium! This week we did exchanges and I was in charge of the ville and my companion was also a blue (new) So we had to get by talking to people with the little french we had together but it went really well we gave out 3 b.o.m (Book of Mormon) and got 2 new aime's (investagators) But later that night I took us out porting and we got so lost lol. We ended up in downtown brussels which is like 8 miles from our apartment so you can say our legs got a good workout ;) but now I know a large part of our area by foot! Also this week we taught a man from the congo that we have been teaching for a while his name is johnny (jo-knee) thats how it sounds though and he is still on track to get baptized on feb 9! so excited for him and also I might be the one to do it which is just a bonus ;). Then we had a zone conference and I got to see Elder Beck who is like my best-friend out here so it was so fun seeing him and getting to joke around and being around someone you enjoy being with lol. Another cool thing that happened this week was that we were walking through the park during night time and we walk into some kind of strange bubble concert! There were millions of bubbles and cool lights and a live band playing so we talked to tons of people there and also got to enjoy the music a win -win. My testimony of prayer has grown so much this week I have just been getting so many blessings and seeing how much the Lord listens and cares for us and if you want to talk to him all you have to do is get on yours knees and pray and pour your heart out! It has truly been amazing. Also we taught a guy this week named kingsley he is from (nigeria) my spelling is bad but çava! So we are teaching him and find out he is a prince from (nigeria) So I taught a prince about Jesus lol pretty cool I think. Thank you everyone for the christmas cards they were awesome! Very much needed so thank you all for the love and support! Love you and miss you all! -Elder Karl

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  1. Dear Shane, You need a GPS system on your belt. Eight miles is a long walk. I am praying for you every night and it sounds like you are doing a great job. Love you. Ruby