Monday, February 16, 2015

3 baptisms and a funny train ride!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day! I hate to say it but I did not have a Valentine but I guess that's life for a missionary. However I did have an amazing week! To start out we are gonna have 3 baptisms on the 28th of Feb!!! It is a man named Luis, he is from Mexico but lived in the united states for a little while and now has been living in france for 7 years. He is so funny and such an amazing person. He also has 3 kids who are awesome and 2 of them will also be getting baptized! So life right now is so good! Also we had a family home evening with this guy named Giem who is super cool! He served a mission so he loves hooking up missionaries so he bought us Pizza hut and it was the bomb. Much love for all of you who hook up missionaries. I know how thankful they are and how much it means to them so keep it up ;). Also I got to go to Mulhouse this week to go to someones district meeting.
Elder Karl and Elder Velazquez looking good!!! 
It was super cool and on our train ride back my companion Elder Velazquez and I were speaking in english and 4 girls sat down across from us. And they heard us speak english and they they started speaking in french to each other..(thinking we did not speak french) and they were like "oh my gosh I think they are american" and they were like "I don't know, look how nice their clothes are they have to be from england" and they were fighting about it so of course I had to have fun with the situation so I turned over to them and I said "oh you like the united states? because we are both american". And they just lost their minds haha they were like "oh no you speak french" haha and were just like "why, are you here for work?" and then we told them we were missionaries and they thought it was the most amazing thing! Always a fun time speaking with kids our age! Also we just walked so much this week and talked to hundreds of people! It has been an amazing week that's for sure! Hope everyone is doing well enjoy life because it is beautiful! Love you all! Elder Shane Karl<3

A big castle thing
And the bball pic is just for you! (But I had to share!)
me and comp and other elders!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Life in Nancy!

Hey everyone hows it going? I hope well ;). So this week has been the most busy week of my whole mission and my maybe my whole life! First of all I am companions with Elder Valezquez who is from the same mtc district as me so we are best friends already and just having a blast! But as zone leaders we have been way busy! We had to go to Paris this week and go to mission council and that was pretty fun and also very long haha. And the work in my new city Nancy is blowing up! We have 5 baptism dates and a lot of people to teach! Also we just had a member baptism and he is 8 and his name was Enzo! And I got into town on Wednesday and the first time I meet the kid he says "my baptism is this Saturday and I want you to give a talk at it!" And I was like yo I just met you haha but alright so I gave a talk at his baptism on Saturday and it went really well and it was a good way for the ward to know who the new missionary was. Also i live in a 4 man apartment with Elder's Cardon who is from Utah and Elder Kaonohi who just got here from the mtc and he is from Hawaii! He is like 6'5 and huge! So we have our own body guard now and our 4 man apartment has so much fun together it is gonna be such a fun transfer! Life is so awesome and I love my mission so much! Oh yeah before I left St.Quentin my favorite family (the Vanquer's) had me over and they made me a cake because they would be missing my birthday party and bought me a sweater!
The Vanquer's
They are so nice and I love them so much! And there son Corentin is my age and he has become like a brother to me and it was really hard saying goodbye! And then on transfer day Pascal drove me to the gare and sad goodbye! 

 Very sad to leave St.Quentin but very excited to see what the Lord has for me next! I love you all<3 


Monday, February 2, 2015

Transferring this week!

Hello everyone sorry I have been so bad about writing on this thing! But new information is that I will be leaving St. Quentin and I will be going to Nancy!!! I am super excited because i heard it is a really big city and I will be companions with one of my friends from the MTC! He gets transferred Wednesday and it will be a 4 man apartment. But I am sad at the same time because I love St. Quentin so much and I have so many good friends here and I am sad to leave but I am really excited! Also I will be a zone leader (He will be over 50 other missionaries!) so that will be different but we will see what happens!  I would love to hear from ya all and I miss you all so much! But I am loving life and I love my mission so much! Love ya all<333

My new address is (We think this is right, He isn't sure where the commas/ line spacing goes!)

B.P.614d 13/15, Blvd Joffre
54000 Nancy