Monday, February 2, 2015

Transferring this week!

Hello everyone sorry I have been so bad about writing on this thing! But new information is that I will be leaving St. Quentin and I will be going to Nancy!!! I am super excited because i heard it is a really big city and I will be companions with one of my friends from the MTC! He gets transferred Wednesday and it will be a 4 man apartment. But I am sad at the same time because I love St. Quentin so much and I have so many good friends here and I am sad to leave but I am really excited! Also I will be a zone leader (He will be over 50 other missionaries!) so that will be different but we will see what happens!  I would love to hear from ya all and I miss you all so much! But I am loving life and I love my mission so much! Love ya all<333

My new address is (We think this is right, He isn't sure where the commas/ line spacing goes!)

B.P.614d 13/15, Blvd Joffre
54000 Nancy

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