Monday, November 24, 2014

Filthy vs drunk ..

Hello everybody had a super busy week! First off I got to meet Elder Cook at a conference and that was amazing! Such a wonderful experience and also the whole mission was there so I got to see all of my friends and old comps! Was a very fun and relaxing day! Then I had to go to Paris to receive a special training for christmas and then had some extra time after and walked around Paris and just enjoyed being alive haha! Also got to have lunch with my best buddy Elder Beck! Then on sunday I had to give a talk on the last judgment! It went really well... until I mispronounced a word and instead of saying "filthy" i said drunk haha so i said "no drunk thing could be with God or else God would be drunk"! So everyone had a good laugh at me! Turns out after a year of being out here I am still not perfect with the language go figure lol. But other then that things are good here! I love life and just take it a day at a time! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Eat some stuffing for me! Thats my favorite<3 Love you all! -Elder Karl 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Baptisms and basketball

Hey everybody, another good week here at St.Quentin! Things are really starting to pick up as far as missionary work. We have two really cool families we are teaching and jones is still good for the 6th of december! I am super excited for jones and just for all the blessings the lord has given me. Also this week I got to play basketball with one of the French national players and I killed him haha he was like what team do you play for and I said i'm a missionary lol and now he is one of our investigators! I love using basketball to do missionary work haha! Also this thursday we have a conference and Elder Cook from the 12 apostles is coming and giving a talk so i'm super excited for that! Everything is good and I can't complain, love life, love all of you! <3Elder Karl p.s send magazines or anything to do with college basketball or NBA I miss that stuff so much!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Staying in St. Quentin!

Hello everyone hope you are all doing well! The transfer just ended and I will be staying in St.Quentin for another transfer so that is cool! And I will be staying with Elder Smith and I like him a lot so I am super excited for this next transfer! Update on the work... we are going to be having a baptism on  the 6th of december! I am so excited his name is jones and he is really cool! So I will keep you all updated on that. Also this week I was walking down the main street of town and inside a little Kabab shop I saw the Cavs V.S. Jazz basketball game! It was a buzzer beater win I was shocked they had basketball on but I got to see a little bit and it made my life haha! Gonna love lunch time in a little Kabab shop! Also got some cool shoes for 30 euros so that was tight. Other then that same old same! Almost christmas time which is crazy I thought summer just ended? But all is well in France and I can't complain! I love my life and love my mission! Love you all <3 Elder Karl 

some snails! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

1 year mark!

Hello everyone crazy week as always! First off happy late halloween and happy 1 year to me :)! I have less then a year left on my mission pretty crazy right?! So this week I got to do an exchange with Elder Earnshaw who is from my MTC group so that was a lot of fun! I have not seen him since we got here so it was nice to catch up after a whole year! We also found some pretty cool people to teach! Then for my 1 year mark on October 30th Elder Smith made me a cake and it was so yummy!
I love Elder Smith:) We are best friends already so it makes missionary work even more fun! Anyways.. Then I also burned a shirt for my one year.
it's a tradition but was a little sketchy but it all worked out :). Also there is this member in my ward named Pascal and he is awesome he is so funny and legit! He loves the missionarys and is my best friend haha! Life is good! Then for halloween Elder Smith and I made orange koolade and had some spooky pastry's! Pretty wild I know;)! But other then that pretty normal week! I love my mission and love all of you! Elder Karl<3