Monday, February 24, 2014

Birthday week!

Well I'm 19 years old lol getting up their ;) lots to write about this week! First of all let me thank everyone for the birthday cards and the emails means the world to me so thank you all. Also... I had my first baptism!!!! I sent a picture to my parents so hopefully it went through and they can put it up! But it was so amazing had my first baptism of my life a day after my 19th birthday wow! The lord never stops blessing me. Also this week we had zone conference and I got to see Elder Beck so that was awesome. We did a gift exchange and he got me so awesome socks and I got him a wallet! Also at zone conference we get mail and I got a package from the Stull's!!! They got me a camera! Thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart I can't thank you enough! It is awesome and it is so nice to have a working camera again haha. Also this week we had no food at home... let me explain we might have spent our grocery money to go out to eat and to have a really nice meal sooo this is why we had no money lol. So it is survivor week and we are trying to use the food we have left wisely. Lots of potatoes haha! Also I had an exchange with Elder Goodwin who has been out as long as I have been so it was a lot of fun! We had a lot of success and found a guy from Italy who is super interested so hoping for the best! On Friday during weekly planning we got super bored and need something to relax our minds so I had the best idea ever! We ended up taping all of the other missionaries things to the roof.. You could say they were surprised to find all there socks, pens, books, ect hanging from the roof:) Shout out to my mom for sending me a package and my sister Rachel for the sick build a bear! ;) Love you all and thank you again for all the love and support! I love my mission, the Lord, and all of you! -Elder Karl 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well this week we went to the LEGO museum I spelled that wrong but ça va! It was so cool, everything their was made out of legos and all the art was to super cool! um also this week I got to eat lunch with Elder Beck so I guess he is my Valentine ;) But we had to finish our legality for Belgium so it was amazing to see him and have fun! I also had an exchange this week with Elder Barr and it was a good time because we get along so well and also because we found a family!!! I taught them and they are so legit and we had the spirit so strong that it was amazing the lord blesses me so much! The metro lines here were on strike friday so we had to walk to everything which really stinks when you live in a giant city .. so lots of running and trying to make it to appointments and to add some sugar to it .. it was raining the whole day:) Happy Valentines btw for those who can enjoy haha! Not much in my blog this week i'm sorry but I hope you know that the lord is in all of our lives and he blesses all of us so much! I love you all and love my mission so happy and can't wait for the next adventure god puts in front of me.I have got Mountains to Climb and Rivers to Cross! love you all - Elder Karl

Monday, February 10, 2014

Pretty sweet week!

Pretty sweet week! First we got to go to Paris again because I had to do my legality so I got to see my whole district fom the MTC, they are like family! so it was really nice catching up with them and hanging out. P-day we got to go to NATO which was pretty cool but all the really cool stuff we couldn't see because it is hidden so not too bad! But then a member took us to the Hard Rock Cafè in brussels and it was amazing! felt like being in america again and there was music, we tried not to listen but there was nothing we could do so ca va! she paid for our meals and then bought us all a lot of candy which was the best I have ever had in my life, no joke. Also this week, I had an exchange with Elder Brockbank which is always fun because we get along so well. But we had a funny thing happen to us. So I am dead asleep and get shaked by Elder Brockbank and he says we need to go. And I'm like go where? He says we are late! So I ask him what time is it he says 1am So I look at him and say ... So its 1am that means we are not late go to bed lol and he was like half asleep and was like okay and went back to bed! so he woke me up in the middle of the night for no reason and thought we were late.. oh Elder Brockbank he makes me laugh. Also this week we went to a less active members home on friday and we walk in and they are like come in sit down the opening cermoney of the Olympics! He was like we having food for you guys so just sit down and relax! We tried to tell him we can't watch it but their was no telling him no. So... long story short I got to see the opening cermoney of the Olympics ;) and got some really good food! No worries we left him with a scripture and taught them! Quick shout out to the Gibsons for sending me a package thank you so much and know I am very thankful for the candy ;) Thank you everyone and for all the support! love you all - Elder Karl

Monday, February 3, 2014

A better week!

Bonjour mon frere et soeur! Had a busy week! to start out with shout out to my mom for being amazing! I got a package from amazon on tuesday and it was a tangled blanket! Could not have gotten a better gift in the world! She knows me so well:) Also got a package from my dad and laurie which had some good stuff in it and was much needed so thank you everyone I love you! Lets see this week I went on an exchange with Elder Tai, He is from Japan and is so cool and funny! We got along so well and became instant friends! He says I am going to go to Japan with him after the mission so that is awesome! Later that night Elder Glover wanted a haircut and he said can you do it? And of course I said heck yeah I can;) so everything is going good but then when I am cleaning out the guard I forget to put it back on and gave him a huge bald spot on the side of his head hahaah he was so mad :p To make things worse we had Zone conference the next day in Paris So he had to go there with a bad haircut! My bad ;) So the next day we went to Paris for zone conference and it was a lot of fun! I got to see almost everyone from my MTC group and it was so much fun. Also the food there was very good. But we did find out that one of the guys we came out with from the MTC went home and that made us sad! It was a big surprise. But on the bright side I rode the 1 hour train ride with my homie Elder Beck lol I don't know what I would do without him! The next day Elder Glover, Barr, Elderedge, and myself wanted to get lunch! So We decided to get a meat tread which is like a big sub full of frys and petat meat and really good sauce so we all get one and eat it.. all is normal until we get the idea to go and get another one haha! 1 of them could feed 3 people but we all ate 2 by ourselves ! so needless to say we got sick haha. The funny thing is that Elder Glover and I feel asleep and the other 2 left us so when we woke up they were gone and took both sets of keys! So it was a surprise exchange I guess! but we had a great night and taught 2 guys from Afghanistan who were very nice but kinda sketchy! Today we are going to NATO! To see where they do lots of cool things and weapons and government whatnot! So it should be interesting! Thank you for all the support! Love ya- Elder Karl