Monday, February 3, 2014

A better week!

Bonjour mon frere et soeur! Had a busy week! to start out with shout out to my mom for being amazing! I got a package from amazon on tuesday and it was a tangled blanket! Could not have gotten a better gift in the world! She knows me so well:) Also got a package from my dad and laurie which had some good stuff in it and was much needed so thank you everyone I love you! Lets see this week I went on an exchange with Elder Tai, He is from Japan and is so cool and funny! We got along so well and became instant friends! He says I am going to go to Japan with him after the mission so that is awesome! Later that night Elder Glover wanted a haircut and he said can you do it? And of course I said heck yeah I can;) so everything is going good but then when I am cleaning out the guard I forget to put it back on and gave him a huge bald spot on the side of his head hahaah he was so mad :p To make things worse we had Zone conference the next day in Paris So he had to go there with a bad haircut! My bad ;) So the next day we went to Paris for zone conference and it was a lot of fun! I got to see almost everyone from my MTC group and it was so much fun. Also the food there was very good. But we did find out that one of the guys we came out with from the MTC went home and that made us sad! It was a big surprise. But on the bright side I rode the 1 hour train ride with my homie Elder Beck lol I don't know what I would do without him! The next day Elder Glover, Barr, Elderedge, and myself wanted to get lunch! So We decided to get a meat tread which is like a big sub full of frys and petat meat and really good sauce so we all get one and eat it.. all is normal until we get the idea to go and get another one haha! 1 of them could feed 3 people but we all ate 2 by ourselves ! so needless to say we got sick haha. The funny thing is that Elder Glover and I feel asleep and the other 2 left us so when we woke up they were gone and took both sets of keys! So it was a surprise exchange I guess! but we had a great night and taught 2 guys from Afghanistan who were very nice but kinda sketchy! Today we are going to NATO! To see where they do lots of cool things and weapons and government whatnot! So it should be interesting! Thank you for all the support! Love ya- Elder Karl

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  1. Hi Shane. I never heard of a "tangled blanket". What would be the purpose of tangling a blanket. One Big Knot? Those subs sound awesome, but they put you to sleep. Don't overeat as it drains your energy. I'm glad you are teaching guys from Afghanistan. They are good people who are so misunderstood. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday. I'm having a big one on Friday--the big 8-0. Hard to believe that I always thought people who were in their eighties were old. That must be a myth. Love you, kid. Hang in there and do your fantastic duty. Ruby