Monday, January 27, 2014

Having a bad week :(

  Well this has been for sure my hardest week on  the mission so far! To start we got a new guy in the apartment. Elder Godfrey left and we got Elder Glover, he is in his 15th transfer so he is an old guy ;) but he is funny and I enjoy him a lot so that was good! But the rain never fails to come and makes porting about as fun as knocking on doors in the freezing rain... oh wait :p also the people have been an extra kind of rude and mean this week, not sure if they also had a bad week but man did people give us a piece of their minds! So that's always fun;) I have started to realize that on my mission I am going to have the best days of my life, but also the worst days! It is very give and take on a mission, when bad things happen something good comes and also the other way around! So I am finding that you just have to stick out the hard and rough times to get to the amazing & wonderful times. I wish I had amazing things to write but this week was just very rough and had very little success and just trying to start off the new week better so that's our goal! But same old same in good ol' Brussels! Love you all and trust in the lord! 

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