Monday, August 25, 2014

Off to Paris!

Hello everyone! Had a crazy week and like no time to rest at all! Monday I had to pack and try to get everything ready to go! Packing your life up into 2 suit cases is not easy! But Later we went to the Bousseau's house for a BBQ and it was so much fun!
Boussou family! 
We had a family home evening with them and it was awesome! 

Then tuesday we went to the Velna's house! 
Velna family! 
The guy who just got baptized and had a fun time there and said our goodbyes! 

Wed: Had to get up bright and early to catch my train to Paris a nice 6 hour train ride and then boom I was in Paris baby! I love Paris!
View from my new apartment! 
I am going to live here when I get older it is so much fun and just so exciting! Then I met my new comp he is from California his name is Elder Wach! He is a pretty cool guy. Also this week we found 2 new families! One came to church too and they are so awesome they have 3 little girls and the branch was super pumped! Good way to have my first sunday here ;)! They made me give a talk though my first sunday so that was fun! Then I had to go to St.ouen which is is Paris central to give a baptismal interview for the sisters! I was a little nervous but everything went well then i had a pizza party with Elder Beck and stayed in there apartment for the night! So much fun! Also he gave me a suit!

gifts from Beck! 
He's legit is my bestfriend out here! And Elder Sanchez got me a tie! People have been hooking me up! But things are going great and I love my mission! Thank you for all the support and love<3 -Elder Karl

Friday, August 22, 2014

Transfer to Paris!

Bonjour everyone! So much has happened this week it has been crazy!  First this week we had out last district meeting before transfers and we had a taco party it was so much fun and the food was bomb! Then the next day we went over to the Assbo's house and did the (Brest Special)
assbo family
Which means I got to watch Elder Stucki throw -up everywhere haha so much more fun when you're not the one who has to do it! Also I got a hair-cut which turned out really bad but then i fixed it but I have some pretty funny pics I look pretty french I would say!

funny hair cut
On saturday we had the baptism of Stephane.
family complete
It was so perfect the weather was beautiful and lots of people came and it was just such an amazing day! One of the best days on my mission forsure! Then I got a call and found out that i am being transferred to Chartres which is in Paris! That's right i'm going to Paris baby! Super excited about that and I will also be a district leader there so i will get to do lots of exchanges and get to see like all of Paris! Such a huge blessing! And to put the cherry on top Elder Beck is in my district so i will see him once a week and get to go on exchanges with him! So crazy how much the lord blesses me! So excited to see how the rest of my mission goes! It has been such an amazing ride and I hope it never ends! I love you all<3 -Elder Karl 

Stucki and I 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

6 people at church!

What's up everybody! Another week down and in the books. Well lets just get right too it ;). First off we got our water heater and toilet fixed this week after having it broken for 7 weeks! That's right 7 weeks of cold showers and flushing with pots and pans. But all is right in the apartment again! Then on tuesday I had an exchange with Elder Miessner!
Elder Miessner and I
He is from Germany and he is in his last transfer. I was his last exchange until he goes home pretty crazy. But we had a lot of fun and also got stuck in the rain but that seems like every week haha. But he is a super cool guy and told me I could stay at his house after the mission so now I got a hook up to stay in Germany! Just another blessing of the mission I guess ;). Also this saturday we are going to be having a Baptism at the ocean! I am super excited for it! Gonna be so awesome the guys name is stephen and he is just so cool! His wife is already a member and he has 2 sons but he never believed in God and has been meeting with missionaries for like 5 years but over the past couple of months he has found God and has a super strong testimony now! So cool to see God change the lives of people. Then at church this sunday there was only 6 people! With my companion and I that makes 8 haha We had to teach all the lessons in church then we had to bless and pass the sacrament. Everyone is on vacation and out of town but it was still a good sunday. Also this week i found the coolest thing ever! It is a disney princess book with stories for everynight of the year! So sick and its fun to read it in french!
French Disney book 
Such a score, but that was my week! I thank you all for your support and prayers! Love you all - Elder Karl 

hidden old church 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone!!! Well summer is almost over that's crazy how fast time has been going by. Just a little note to all my friends out there! I miss you guys so much and thank you all for writing me and for staying in contact with me I know it's not easy but you guys are amazing! Well lets jump right into it! This week we got to take another road trip in the car! We had to drive to Quimper for an exchange! The road trip was fun but we only have one EFY cd so we listened to it like 20 times haha got a little old but we got through it ;). Then in Quimper I had an exchange with Elder Saffell. 


He is from utah and is pretty cool. We talked about basketball like the whole time so I enjoyed it alot! But Quimper is a super beautiful ville in france. It's little but has some really cool buildings and what not. Then on Friday we had a Zone conference in Rennes with the mission President and we had interviews! I think it went well haha fingers crossed. But it was alot of fun but it ended a little late so we had to run from the church to the Train Gare and we missed our train by 2 mins! So we had to take a later one and we got home super late. I was so tired and just fell asleep in my shirt and tie. Then we also taught this women this week named Elisabeth. She is 60 years old but super nice like a grandmother and thinks we are her grand kids from america haha. But we brought a member and it went super well. Then at church the member gave his testimony about how much he enjoyed teaching with us and how everyone needs to help us make the work progress! It was so legit. The sad part was we had a total of 12 people at church but it was kinda cool because I got to bless.. and pass the sacrament! Oh it is fun to be in a small little branch haha! but that was pretty much my week! I hope you all are doing well And thank you for all the support love you all- Elder Karl