Monday, August 25, 2014

Off to Paris!

Hello everyone! Had a crazy week and like no time to rest at all! Monday I had to pack and try to get everything ready to go! Packing your life up into 2 suit cases is not easy! But Later we went to the Bousseau's house for a BBQ and it was so much fun!
Boussou family! 
We had a family home evening with them and it was awesome! 

Then tuesday we went to the Velna's house! 
Velna family! 
The guy who just got baptized and had a fun time there and said our goodbyes! 

Wed: Had to get up bright and early to catch my train to Paris a nice 6 hour train ride and then boom I was in Paris baby! I love Paris!
View from my new apartment! 
I am going to live here when I get older it is so much fun and just so exciting! Then I met my new comp he is from California his name is Elder Wach! He is a pretty cool guy. Also this week we found 2 new families! One came to church too and they are so awesome they have 3 little girls and the branch was super pumped! Good way to have my first sunday here ;)! They made me give a talk though my first sunday so that was fun! Then I had to go to St.ouen which is is Paris central to give a baptismal interview for the sisters! I was a little nervous but everything went well then i had a pizza party with Elder Beck and stayed in there apartment for the night! So much fun! Also he gave me a suit!

gifts from Beck! 
He's legit is my bestfriend out here! And Elder Sanchez got me a tie! People have been hooking me up! But things are going great and I love my mission! Thank you for all the support and love<3 -Elder Karl

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  1. I love Paris too! Out of all the places I have gone to for work, Paris is the place I would want to bring Drew to see it. Hope you are doing well. If you get to eat out ever in a restaurant try Chez gladines. Truth be told everywhere I ate in Paris was delicious.