Wednesday, August 13, 2014

6 people at church!

What's up everybody! Another week down and in the books. Well lets just get right too it ;). First off we got our water heater and toilet fixed this week after having it broken for 7 weeks! That's right 7 weeks of cold showers and flushing with pots and pans. But all is right in the apartment again! Then on tuesday I had an exchange with Elder Miessner!
Elder Miessner and I
He is from Germany and he is in his last transfer. I was his last exchange until he goes home pretty crazy. But we had a lot of fun and also got stuck in the rain but that seems like every week haha. But he is a super cool guy and told me I could stay at his house after the mission so now I got a hook up to stay in Germany! Just another blessing of the mission I guess ;). Also this saturday we are going to be having a Baptism at the ocean! I am super excited for it! Gonna be so awesome the guys name is stephen and he is just so cool! His wife is already a member and he has 2 sons but he never believed in God and has been meeting with missionaries for like 5 years but over the past couple of months he has found God and has a super strong testimony now! So cool to see God change the lives of people. Then at church this sunday there was only 6 people! With my companion and I that makes 8 haha We had to teach all the lessons in church then we had to bless and pass the sacrament. Everyone is on vacation and out of town but it was still a good sunday. Also this week i found the coolest thing ever! It is a disney princess book with stories for everynight of the year! So sick and its fun to read it in french!
French Disney book 
Such a score, but that was my week! I thank you all for your support and prayers! Love you all - Elder Karl 

hidden old church 

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