Friday, August 22, 2014

Transfer to Paris!

Bonjour everyone! So much has happened this week it has been crazy!  First this week we had out last district meeting before transfers and we had a taco party it was so much fun and the food was bomb! Then the next day we went over to the Assbo's house and did the (Brest Special)
assbo family
Which means I got to watch Elder Stucki throw -up everywhere haha so much more fun when you're not the one who has to do it! Also I got a hair-cut which turned out really bad but then i fixed it but I have some pretty funny pics I look pretty french I would say!

funny hair cut
On saturday we had the baptism of Stephane.
family complete
It was so perfect the weather was beautiful and lots of people came and it was just such an amazing day! One of the best days on my mission forsure! Then I got a call and found out that i am being transferred to Chartres which is in Paris! That's right i'm going to Paris baby! Super excited about that and I will also be a district leader there so i will get to do lots of exchanges and get to see like all of Paris! Such a huge blessing! And to put the cherry on top Elder Beck is in my district so i will see him once a week and get to go on exchanges with him! So crazy how much the lord blesses me! So excited to see how the rest of my mission goes! It has been such an amazing ride and I hope it never ends! I love you all<3 -Elder Karl 

Stucki and I 

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