Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone!!! Well summer is almost over that's crazy how fast time has been going by. Just a little note to all my friends out there! I miss you guys so much and thank you all for writing me and for staying in contact with me I know it's not easy but you guys are amazing! Well lets jump right into it! This week we got to take another road trip in the car! We had to drive to Quimper for an exchange! The road trip was fun but we only have one EFY cd so we listened to it like 20 times haha got a little old but we got through it ;). Then in Quimper I had an exchange with Elder Saffell. 


He is from utah and is pretty cool. We talked about basketball like the whole time so I enjoyed it alot! But Quimper is a super beautiful ville in france. It's little but has some really cool buildings and what not. Then on Friday we had a Zone conference in Rennes with the mission President and we had interviews! I think it went well haha fingers crossed. But it was alot of fun but it ended a little late so we had to run from the church to the Train Gare and we missed our train by 2 mins! So we had to take a later one and we got home super late. I was so tired and just fell asleep in my shirt and tie. Then we also taught this women this week named Elisabeth. She is 60 years old but super nice like a grandmother and thinks we are her grand kids from america haha. But we brought a member and it went super well. Then at church the member gave his testimony about how much he enjoyed teaching with us and how everyone needs to help us make the work progress! It was so legit. The sad part was we had a total of 12 people at church but it was kinda cool because I got to bless.. and pass the sacrament! Oh it is fun to be in a small little branch haha! but that was pretty much my week! I hope you all are doing well And thank you for all the support love you all- Elder Karl

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  1. Oh how beautiful! What a wonderful experience. I bet someone will send some new EFY cd's.