Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another baptism!

Missionary forever!
Whats up everybody! Man the weeks just go by faster and faster! Well we have a baptism coming up! YAY!!!! Its the 16 of august with our ami Stephen! Hey is so cool and so excited gonna be at the beach again ;)! We are having a member do the baptism! Super cool way to get him friends in the church! Also this week I went on 2 exchanges. I had one with Elder Brockbank! I knew him from when I was in Belgium so it was nice to get to see and work with him again! We did a family home evening with Stephen and his family went really well! Then I had an exchange with Elder Bigler! I went to Lorient it is a super nice ville in france! But some pretty crazy things happened there... I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus to come when a little tiny man comes up to me! He asks me about my name tag and what it means! So I explain to him why I am in france and a little about Jesus Christ!  He seemed very interested and sat down and talk to me some more! However then the conversation took a huge turn when he asked if i was gay! I said no not really hahaha and he said oh that's too bad! Elder Bigler and I just sat their and didn't know what to say! then the man puts his hand on my leg and starts asking more strange questions, at this point Elder Bigler is standing up and just staring at me and this man! But as a missionary we are not aloud to fight or to do anything that with reflect badly to the church! So I just testified about how God loves us and how families can be together forever then stood up and walked away! While I walked away he yelled some bad words at me and how I was a bad person but I just kept walking! probably the strangest night of my life that's for sure! And to make it worse it has been  super hot here so the guy was wearing short shorts haha oh my! On a good note though we had 3 people come to church sunday and the work is going well! Thank you all for your love and support and know that God loves us all! Elder Karl

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  1. Oh my. Sounds like things are going well. Other than the creepy dude.