Monday, July 7, 2014

Beware, Elder Karl gets a car.. !

Hello everybody this week has been super busy and super crazy! First off we got a new mission president who is super tight and legit. I like him a lot. And also I am staying in Breast for another transfer my companion is leaving and I am getting a new on in 2 days! I heard my new comp is cool but who knows! So we had our zone conference in Angers which is 8 hours away so the trip there was long and hot! Not too much fun traveling in a suit. While we were there i was informed by the mission president that he was giving us a car! I said great when do we get it? He said right now! I said oh.. And he said your the only one with a European license so you are the only one who can drive it! And its a stick!!!! For those of you who don't know I have never driven a stick before and to make it better I am in a different country where driving is crazy! So I had to drive myself and 3 other Elders from Angers to Breast! That's an 8 hour drive just about! So it was a good time to practice haha but I got us home without a wreck that's all I will say about that Road trip. Also one of our amis Stefen agreed to be baptized so we have another baptism this month! Super stoked about that. On Sunday confirmed David a member of the church and I gave him the holy ghost! It was a cool experience to do that. Something funny this week too was our friend Manuel the guy from Peru that we helped find the church again had us over and gave us jerseys and hats and all kinds of gifts from Peru because he was so thankful we helped him find the church again! Really amazing guy! Also a member took us to some old ww2 sites and a cave and all kinds of crazy things! It was a really great week! Love my mission so much<3

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