Monday, November 17, 2014

Baptisms and basketball

Hey everybody, another good week here at St.Quentin! Things are really starting to pick up as far as missionary work. We have two really cool families we are teaching and jones is still good for the 6th of december! I am super excited for jones and just for all the blessings the lord has given me. Also this week I got to play basketball with one of the French national players and I killed him haha he was like what team do you play for and I said i'm a missionary lol and now he is one of our investigators! I love using basketball to do missionary work haha! Also this thursday we have a conference and Elder Cook from the 12 apostles is coming and giving a talk so i'm super excited for that! Everything is good and I can't complain, love life, love all of you! <3Elder Karl p.s send magazines or anything to do with college basketball or NBA I miss that stuff so much!

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