Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 4 Photos!

P-day # 4 for me in the MTC. This place is starting to feel like my home. I can barely remember what the outside world is like! One of the up sides of being here tho is all the talks we can to hear from amazing speakers. With this being Thanksgiving week they told us that someone really really good is coming so i'm really excited for that. French is a constant battle, just when you think you got it down you go an teach someone new and have no idea what they are saying. But that's why they teach us to speak through the spirit so much. It's pretty strange watching people come in and out so fast. Since most only stay around a week and a half I have seen group after group leave and I just really wish it was us who was leaving! But only 2 more weeks so I'm really happy just want to serve so bad and help people. Much love always - Elder Karl 

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  1. Hi Shane. Beautiful country. Seems like you are doing great. Praying for you. Love. Ruby