Monday, December 9, 2013

Wisdom teeth out in time for Thanksgiving! Off to France!

Hey things are good here. My wisdom teeth came out really well and I had almost no swelling! I can't believe you guys are on a cruise that sounds so fun lol. This is my last P-day here I leave for France on monday, how crazy is that!? They told us we will be able to call home at the airport to let our family's know we are safe and what not I will try to call but you might be in the middle of the ocean lol. Btw it was Russell M. Nelson that came and talked to us on Thanksgiving it was really good but I was kinda high and goofy from the pills lol. But I still went to all my classes and didn't take a break! With leaving so soon I know I need as much study time as I can get! I'm so excited to go to France. je t' aime both of you! -Elder Karl 

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