Monday, December 30, 2013

Getting adjusted!

Bonjour, the holidays have been amazing. Our ward is so cool and have been taking really good care of us! Christmas eve we went to a German family's house named the Vols, I think, haha but we ate duck and had all this fancy french bread and cheeses and desserts yum! Thank you for sending me Ty's blog. It sounds like we are in the same boat lol People here talk so fast and then just look you in your soul and I totally blank. But it comes little by little just have to trust in the lord! Yesterday- aka Sunday we had our first baptism! It was amazing. It was a guy named Gontie and he is from the Congo and is 24!
Such an amazing guy and he loved it. He could not stop smiling, it was so funny! Only bad part was we forgot to make food for after so we ran to our apartment, grabbed some orange pop, bag of salt and pepper chips, and some oreos haha Not much but it was something. Also on Sunday we had a member of the 70 come and just was passing through with his family so they stayed for all of church. I got to meet him and his family and they just praised us for serving missions haha! Pretty tight if I do say so myself! Also during the week we got to hang out with the Davis family. The guy is from Belgium and his wife from Pakistan but crazy right! Super nice. Made me so much food and they were like "wow you can really eat" haha much needed ;) But they both served missions and we talked all night and we lost track of time and got home super late but Brother Davis said it was okay haha! Also on Christmas my companion had to skype early at the Vols- that german family so I watch Tangled with the little son who is 7 and we watch it in german so you can say I was totally lost but its my favorite so I was jamming and dancing haha Language is still really hard but all you can do is try ;) happy new year and love and miss ya

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  1. Hi Shane, Have a great 2014 with much success as a missionary. You will bring many souls to Christ I am sure, because you have a strong testimony and you are not afraid to share it with others. I pray for you every night. Love. Ruby