Monday, December 23, 2013

Life is hard!

hey so I will skype call you so be ready haha um people are mean, food is expensive so I eat oranges, bread, and lots of peppers and onions lol starting to like vegetables alot more on my mission! so missions are the hardest thing on the planet haha muslums throw fire works at us on the metro, its so scary so thats lame lol Im pumped to talk to you in 2 days!

(So I find, the longer Ariel's emails are the shorter Shane's This morning he was still online when I got here so we received a few more one liners. Luckily we will get to talk to him in 2 days!!)

btw I got a card from your brother davids family and they sent it to the mtc, and i really want it lol and idk what the mtc does with them when you leave because i know they dont forward them sooo .... yeah 

(so it looks like if you used his old MTC- Utah address, he won't get it! Thanks for trying LeeAnn!)

hey not long email since I can just tell you in 2 days lol but super rough
here, so hard lol But I have my first baptism this sunday!!! success baby!!!
lol so excited

(Any punctuation that you see, aside from !! are mine. lol..)

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