Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Safe in France!

Hello everyone sorry I didn't blog last week! But just to let everyone know I am safe and things are fine over here so that's good! So everything is chill! Um we had the first snow in my mission so that was super exciting so I will put a pic of that up!
Snow on a castle!
Also Elder Smith cut his finger this week! funny story sooo Somehow not gonna say how but all of our lights bulbs broke in our house on the same day! So we went to the store and bought some new ones and the light in the kitchen is really high up! So Elder Smith being taller and larger then I decided he would be the one to go up! so I made a step with my hands and pushed him up into the roof to change it however somehow are master plan failed and Elder Smith fell and broke a shelf and the light bulb broke in his hand so we went to our bishops house for help! Smith is okay only lost a little blood and has 2 cuts! Also we have been teaching some cool people! And Jones is still active so win! Love you all love my mission so much!<3

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