Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! Crazy that its already 2015!!! But this week has been so crazy! So first off thank you everyone who sent me Christmas cards and thank you to my mom and sister Rachel for the Christmas package! And thank you to my dad and Laurie for always taking care of me and all of my crazy needs haha! So new years eve we spent it with Pascal and had a bunch of crazy food like zebra and lama and lots of others but it was super cool. (For Christmas dinner they had zebra, crocodile, goose liver, frog legs and a few other things I don't remember!) Then the next day I had to take a train all alone because I had to go to a meeting the next day so I had to sleep somewhere in Paris so I of course spent the night at Elder Beck's place! I can't tell you how much I love that kid! My homie for life! So we spent the day off going to Eiffel tower, notre dame and Arc de Triumph!
Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame

With Elder Beck
So just went around enjoying the beautiful city! Then later on we had a meal with some members so it was just like the most perfect day ever! Then my Paris adventure ended and I had to return to my companion in ST. Quentin and he was really sick so I gave him a blessing and we had a really chill day! So hopefully he will get better soon! And then we got a new amis! It's the husband of a lady who goes to our church and after like 30 years he in finally ready to meet with missionaries which is super awesome! So life is good and I love my mission! Thank you all for the support!  The church is true the book is blue! <3

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