Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas everyone! Wow so much has happened this week I will try to make it a short email! So to start I went to Paris on Mercredi for a conference and it was awesome! Of course my best friend Elder Beck was there and we both bought each other gifts! He got me an awesome Defend Paris shirt that I have been wanting for a while! He is the best<3 Then we had a good conference and I got to see so many of my friends and just have a lot of fun and get a chance to relax! So it was much needed! Then after the conference I did an exchange with Elder Mattson he is one of our zone leaders and it was a lot of fun! We contacted so many people and noone wanted to talk to us so we decided to go and sail some paper boats in the river
Mattson and I sailing paper boats! 
haha and then right after that we went and found 2 people to pray with! See God likes it when we take a minute to relax and have a smile! ;)! Then on saturday we had a BAPTISM! 

Thats right we had a baptism! Jones got baptized and it was awesome! He was so excited and the spirit was so strong! That was a gift I think God gave us for Christmas was to have a christmas baptism! Then on Sunday he was confirmed and is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! So happy for him! Then on Sunday there was a huge christmas Parade and it went right past our house!
So many people! 
So we just sat in the windows and watched it on the second floor with our feet hanging over hundreds of people! And later that night there was a huge Firework show! This will be a christmas I will never forget thats for sure! I could not be an happier with my life and I am so thankful! Also huge shout out to my Dad and step mom for the christmas package and to my mom for the package! Excited to open them on Christmas  Thank you to everyone who has sent me a christmas card and for your love and support! Love you all! Joyeux Noel! Elder Karl <3 
The tree in our house!

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