Monday, December 8, 2014

Papa Karl the pizza maker!

Hello everybody! Welcome to the christmas season! I love this time of the year everyone is a lot nicer haha! Also its a great time to remember all of our blessings we have and to spread the true message of christmas .. Jesus Christ! There is a video called "He is the gift" and if you have not seen it look on youtube! Share the true gift of Christmas! So this week I made some pizza dough
making pizza dough 
and went to a christmas village! Also I am staying in ST. Quentin for another 8 weeks and I'm staying with Elder Smith so i'm pumped about that! But thats kinda all haha sorry not a lot of time! Love you all! Elder Karl<3 

my district 

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  1. Well that was short and sweet.. looks like you're having fun though!