Monday, March 9, 2015

One of the best moments of my mission for sure!

Hello everyone I hope all is well on your side of the world! For me everything is wonderful. And this week has been really crazy to say the least. So i will skip all of the boring things and just get to the awesome story.. so once upon a time Elder Karl and Elder Valezquez go out of there apartment to go contacting. On this night we were having a lot of problems finding people to talk to. Everyone was either busy or just rude so we decided to follow the spirit and let it guide us where to go. So we end up going to a random road with no one on it but for some reason we both feel like this is the place so as we continue down this road we see a very large man walking his dog .. not gonna lie he looked pretty scary. But we contact him anyways so my companion starts contacting him in french and the man says "Hey guys" in english which always throws us off. We soon learn that we just contacted into a Pro Handball player for Nancy and also he is from Sweden and also his whole family is Mormon and his brother is on a mission but he is not active in the church anymore. We were shocked that we found this man in the middle of nowhere and just goes to show how much we need the spirit to help us in our missionary work! But we talk with him for about an hour and then it begins to get cold so he invites us to his house. We continue to talk with him and find out more and try to find out why he left the church. But the whole time we are cracking jokes and really just becoming his friend and trying to show him that we really do care about him. His name is Maximiliam Jonsson. And is the star player of the Pro Handball team here in Nancy and we had a wonderful conversation which led him to inviting us to his game on friday night.
First night with Maximiliam! 
However as missionaries we do not have the right to go to activates such as this but.. we made some phone calls and asked the AP's of the mission and they said we could go! So we got to go to the Handball game and watch Max play!
At his game number 23! 
He was so excited that we came and it really showed him that we care about him so he was so excited and after the game the team was high fiveing everyone and Max runs up to us and jumps into us and hugs us and it was just so awesome!
Lots of fans 
One of the best moments of my mission for sure! And we will be seeing him again this week! I am just so thankful to the Lord for all that he gives to me and for all of the blessings! Always be thankful and let the Spirit guide you and you will be blessed for your efforts and faith! Love and miss you all Elder Karl<3  

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