Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Finally another blog entry!

Hello Everyone! Sorry I have been so bad about writing on this thing. Life has been crazy out here but I will try to catch you all up. So our ami Jess from Tahiti is doing really well.
Jess and me <3
He is such a cool guy and we have been seeing him a lot. He loves to take us out to dinner :p But he is still good for the 4th of July for his baptism. So we are really excited about that. Also Luis and his kids are doing amazing. the kids are also good to be baptized on the 4th of July! Update on new things we have met a new family! It is a husband and wife with 5 children. His name is Remey. Pretty funny story because we didn't find him but he found us. One day we were at the church because we had to fill out a paper online at the church and we hear a random knock. So I went out and found Remey standing there. I remind you .. normally no one would be at the church at this time but we were.. luck or just a blessing? Anyways he asked if he could have a book of Mormon and i told him we could figure something out ;) haha so we ended up teaching him for 2 hours and he was so excited to tell his family. Then he came to church that Sunday! He is really amazing and we are really excited to see what comes from that. The transfer is next week but i believe that i will be staying in Nancy for another 6 weeks but Elder Velazquez will prob leave :/ Makes me sad because he has become like a brother to me. But in good news is that it is June already :D CCrazy right? Only A couple more months and I will be finished! So I will try to live every min up while I can! Love and Miss you all! Elder Karl 
Beauty night ;)
Cheese burger art work in Lux  

Tea Party with one of our amis Madelyn!!!

Elder Player came to visit (Old missionary) And his family took us out! 

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