Monday, October 5, 2015

10 days!!! .. and 2 more baptisms!.. and lots of pictures!!

hello everyone! So this is my last week here on a mission...
Can't believe I'm saying that. 2 years has been so fast! But anyways
this week was a really good week. We taught a lot of people but
specifically 2 girls who will be getting baptized this coming Sunday!
(My last Sunday) one is 18 and the other 17. They are sisters and they
are super awesome. They are really excited for their baptism and so am
I. So my last Sunday will be very special! But things here are
wonderful and coming to a beautiful end! This weekend I missed my
sister Katie's wedding! But I just want to congratulate her and her
husband and wish them the best for the future and that I love them!
Sorry I could not make it! But things here are awesome and I could not
be more grateful for my mission or for my friends and family! Also
anyone who would like to come to the airport Thursday October 15th at
5:21pm ... Your welcome to come and of course I understand if your
busy but just want to throw that out there! Love you and all and can't
wait to see you in a couple of days! Love Karl ❤️✈️


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