Monday, March 17, 2014

Funny mix ups

Hello everybody!!! Things in Belgium are wonderful, the weather is beautiful, and the work is really progressing! We have 2 baptism dates! That's right 2!!! (That's a lot here) lol But we are teaching DJ right! And Xavier! Both are so solid and are just amazing. Also I have been teaching with Lee Cummard the BYU basketball star and pro basketball player in Belgium.. So yeah my life could not get better! Funny story from porting this week. I was talking to someone at a door and I meant to ask is their another day we can come back but I said is their another day we can come and play games haha and the guy said he had a piano and I was so lost lol Also I meant to say do you have 5 minutes and asked do you have 5 cute kids and the lady got really scared.. so the french is going great ;) Also this week we ate dinner ate the Hakinpa's a family from Finland and they are super cool! They gave us fish soup and it smelled gross but turned out to be super good and I ate like 3 bowls with french bread of course! Big news for tomorrow.. D.Todd. Christofferson is coming to talk to the missionaries in Brussels which just happens to be me! So blessed, Love my mission, love all of you! Thank you for all the support and love- Elder Karl

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