Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Caterpillars, lost keys and photos!

The Eiffel Tower
Blog: Bonjour everyone! Hope everyone is well I know I am :). Let's see where do I begin, Well on Monday- We taught Xavier our guy with the baptism in 2 weeks with a member cough cough Lee Cummard. Yeah I teach with a pro basketball player.. so dreams do come true ;) but the lesson went really well. After the lesson Lee gave us a ride home and when he dropped us off I began to realize the keys were missing. And that I was in charge of the keys.. yes I lost the keys lol. So we called Lee and he had to come all the way back to our apartment and we searched his car for a good 20 mins. No luck finally Lee says did you check your shirt pocket? I was Like why would I put the keys in...oh... That's right the keys were in my shirt pocket the whole time! Lee laughed at me for a good 5 mins. So yes I looked kinda dumb but we all had a good laugh about it! And now in church Lee always asks me if I know where my keys are haha.
 Tuesday- We got to listen to Elder D.Todd Christofferson give a talk to us and it was amazing! So lucky to get to hear and shake hands with an apostle of the lord! Also I got to see Elder Beck so it was a good day! 
 Wen- During my studies in the morning I was reading and it got very dark! That's right our power went out. The funny part is that Elder Miller was in the shower and we have a water heater so he says hey who turned the lights out then we hear a loud scream. The water in the shower was ice cold and Elder Miller was stuck in it in the dark. Also that day I got a package from my step mom and sister ariel and it had letters for when times get hard and I need a laugh ect.. But it was so amazing so thank you again for the package it was so amazing! 
 Thursday- We had dinner with a guy named Sammy he is a 25 year old. Long story short I have been teaching Sammy for about 2 months and never really had any success... However thursday night I testified like I never have before and it gets very quite and Sammy looks up and say (I am going to read every single page of this book before we meet again next week) I can not express enough to you the power of the spirit or the truth of this gospel! It really does work miracles and changes lives! And I know the lord was with me that night and Sammy could feel that and could not deny what he was feeling. Best night of my mission! 
 Friday- We found a new aimé named justin! So hopefully things go well with him. 
 Saturday- We had dinner with a family from Africa named the Boda's! They are so awesome and so good at singing! But where the story gets interesting is that for dinner we had Goat, Stomach, Caterpillars, and fish. It was all very very good... except for stomach I was not the biggest fan of it! But you can say that later that night I had a pretty bad stomach ache lol! so much fun though:)!
The Boda Family
 Sunday- Just had church and ported all night so nothing to awesome lol. 
 Thank you all for the support and love means a lot to me and I love you all! Love - Elder Karl  
The park by my apartment
The Abelcita family

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