Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A marriage proposal and a train wreck, all in the same week!

Hello everybody! Things is Belgium are going well only 2 more weeks in Belgium until I get transferred. So I better enjoy it while I can I guess :p. This week I tried to give myself a hair-cut. I say tried because I messed it up really bad! But thank goodness for members haha. So I went over to the Davis house and he fixed my hair. I love the Davis family so much they are the most amazing people and I am going to miss them so much. 

Also got the chance to eat with Frere Frankin again(the one armed man) And it was good! 
We had a member baptism on Saturday. It went really well and also had some awesome food after it so I can't complain. Funny stories of the week! While waiting for the metro Saturday night. Elder Miller and I were approached by a very drunk women. She asked who we were, and as we talked with her she found it very strange that as missionaries we don't have sleep around. Then she asked Elder Miller if he would sleep with her and marry her. That it only costs 2500 euros and that she was in love with him. To her surprise he said no haha and we ran away and jumped on the Metro haha! Also on the tram we were on our way to a members house for a birthday party. When all at once the tram goes from 45mph to 0 mph because we smashed into a car. What you don't know is that the tram is packed and we have to stand. So when the tram hit a car everyone flew 5 feet and everyone fell on each other and got messed up. However Elder Miller and I did not get hurt lol! The lord watches out for us I swear. pretty crazy week, also in church had to teach primary and the gospel principles class all in french all alone! Not too bad if you ask me! Love you all and hope you are all doing well. Thank you for all of the support and love it is much needed! Love -Elder Karl

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