Monday, April 7, 2014

Singing Disney songs!

Last week in Belgium ahhh where has the time gone lol. This week went by super fast! First we had dinner at the Volz( a german family). It was alot of fun, but something really cool happened. The night went a little long so they gave us a ride home. When we got to our apartment the dad ( Brother Volz) got out to say goodbye and when he shook my hand he pulled me in for a hug and told me that they are praying I don't get transferred and that I stay! It almost made me cry lol. It's hard to explain but it means a lot when people like you being there and that they care about you. Since most of the time people want nothing to do with you. So it was a really cool experience for me! Also this week Elder Miller and I were riding the tram and we were singing disney songs and just laughing and having fun. Some lady saw this and contacted us! She thought it was strange we were here for Jesus and that we enjoyed life so much! Needless to say we explained a little more and gave her a Book of Mormon and she is now a new amie! Later that day Elder Miller had to go to Paris so I went on an exchange with 2 other Elders. I did not pack a bag which was a mistake lol. Because Elder Millers train broke down and I had to spend the night in my church clothes for 2 days haha. I was a little gross haha. Can I just say General Conference was so amazing! It was so good!!! I don't know why I was such a punk before my mission lol. I love Conference<3. Not to mention I got to watch 2 of the sessions at members homes! Saturday I watched it at the Davis house of course ..Love them! Then on sunday I watched it at the lauritezs. I think that's how you spell it haha but they are from utah and are a young couple with 2 kids. They are super awesome and it was so much fun and such good food. That's all for this week! Love you all and thank you for your support! -Elder Karl

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