Monday, April 28, 2014

Elder Karl adds another "food" to his box!

Hello everybody another great week in Brest. First on P-day we went to Ocèanoplis!

Which is one of the biggest aquariums in france. It was so much fun and was a really good way to meet a lot of people and for them to see that we are normal people lol.Then that night we went to our DMPs house for dinner he is 80 years old and can't hear very well. But it was a lot of fun but half way through the meal I realized that we were not eating chicken! I asked what is this? He said something in french I have never heard then Elder Ricks looks at me and says .. Dove. Yes I ate a dove lol it was not that bad pretty good actually.Then later on in the week we had to travel to Lorient which is another city in france to do exchanges with the district leader. It was a lot of fun and a really nice city too but I like Brest more ;). Then we were suppose to have a branch picnic on the beach but wouldn't you know it a huge thunder storm comes in and it gets cancelled. However the Branch president invited over for lunch since he had so much extra food. Sounds like a good time right!? Oh how I was wrong he made us eat all these cheeses that had to be from like the 1700's it was purple and just so gross and he just kept giving us more and more. Later that night Elder Ricks got sick haha but I was smart and started to put some of the cheese in my pocket and then threw it away later on.But down side now my pocket smells like gross cheese haha. Then at the end of the week we ported into this really nice muslim family that let us in and gave us food. Super strange because they are muslim but they want to learn more so it is really awesome. Elder Ricks and I have been having alot of success and blessings! Super awesome and we are hoping it continues:) Love you all and thank you for the support!!! Love - Elder Karl    

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