Monday, April 21, 2014

New area - Brest

Bonjour! Oh my such a busy week i don't even know where to begin. Well Wednesday I left Belgium and and had about an 8 hour train ride which is very uncomfortable in a suit if you were wondering. But I finally made the trek to Brest! All I can say is wow, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. We are right on the ocean and it is just amazing.
My new companion is Elder Ricks he is from California and is just one transfer ahead of me so we are a young companionship that's for sure! But it is great we get along super well and we are working our butts off. Guess you could say we have something to prove but also we just want to do as much as we can because we owe it to the lord. My first day we went to a members home and helped them paint their entire roof. The upside though is I finally got some sun and no longer look like a ghost. Then we taught a few lessons that night and saw some less-actives. The next day we walked into the main part of town and there was a huge dance floor with about 2,000 people. turns out there is a huge break dancing competition each year and it just happened to be on that day.
Dance off
But it was a great chance to talk with lots of people and also get to see some amazing dancers. It was super cool and just a fun way to contact people. Later that night we went porting and as we were walking towards a home there was this girl following us so we asked to you live here? She said no.. so we kept walking up to the house and she walked up with us. We then rang the door bell and all these girls opened the door! Turns out we had ported into a huge girl sleepover party haha. And the girl behind us was going there as well. So it was a little bit awkward but we were able to keep it together. Side note- I have noticed that there are nothing but girls in this ville! For every 1 guy there is 10 girls its crazy. But gotta focus i'm a missionary just was throwing it out their.;) Easter was sunday which was really good! To my surprise though I was asked to give a little talk and had about a 5 min heads up. But it went well so no problems there. However Easter dinner was a little bit different. We did not get invited anywhere there are only 14 members in the branch here so a little bit small. And back at our apartment we had no food. And when I say we had no food i mean it! So we searched the apartment and found some mash potato mix and some old pasta and made some dinner haha.

Elder Ricks and I Easter dinner
it turned out decent so I am thankful for that. Being on a mission has really made me realize how nice it is to have parents who make you dinner and buy food haha. Today we are going to ocèanopolis!!! Which is a giant aquarium! one of the biggest ones in france so I am super excited should be a lot of fun! Well I am super excited for my new ville and I will try to take lots of pics for you all! Love you all and thank you for all that you do. Love Elder Karl

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