Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Well I got a new companion! His name is elder Miller and he is awesome! We get along so well and we teach super well together. So this should be an amazing transfer. This week we found a guy named Xavier and he is a guy in his 30's. He is legit, we have taught him 3 times this week and he has a baptism date for March 30 so I am super excited! The work is pushing forward if we are faithful and trust in the lord. Also this week we were running to catch the Tram and I stepped in a giant pile of poop... You can say I was less then happy to have to go teach a lesson smelling like poop but it's perks of the job lol. On the upside the weather here is super nice! I have been wearing short sleeve shirts all week! And people are being nicer too .. I think it's because no one can be mad when the sun is out and it smells like flowers but that's just me! I also had dinner at the Davis family again man do I love glen! He is my best friend in Europe haha He is from Belgium and is about 35 but he really likes me for some reason and always feeds us so I'll take it. But the ward here is really amazing, I have been here for a while now and I am really loving them all and care for them all. But really great week and hopefully an amazing transfer is in the works! But love you all and thank you for all the support and love! All for now.. Push The Work Forward!!! 

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