Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference week!

Hello everybody I hope you all had a chance to watch Conference this weekend! It was so amazing and I know it helped me a lot! Well lets see what happened this week! Well it's week one of the transfers and I will be doing another with Elder Wach in Chartres so should be good! This week we had dinner with a member named Karim and his family and they also had us bring the family we just baptized Mark and Happy! So we went and had pizza and played games and just had a lot of fun! Was really good for them to meet members and to just feel welcomed so that was awesome! Then this week I got a chance to play basketball twice!!! prayers work haha But the first time was with these members who have 2 sons who are 19 and 21 and they love basketball so we went to their house and got to play for like 2 hours it was so much fun! Then the next day the amis we met in the park one morning like 3 weeks ago called and asked if we want to go play basketball with him and all his friends.. so of course I said yes! and we got to meet a lot of people and also got to ball out so i could not have asked for a better day! Great news for this saturday we will be having 2 more baptisms! With Louise and her son Nathaniel! And I will get to do the baptism so I am super excited for that! Sad news though is that our 2 amis with other baptismal dates Gabin and Sabrina are getting a divorce so.. that makes it really hard to continue meeting with them! So hopefully in the future we will get back in contact but it broke my heart I love them both so much and just makes me really sad. Then we closed our week by watching conference with Mark and Happy the family who just got baptized!
Conference with Mark and Happy and the kids! 

It was so much fun they loved it and all of their questions were answered pretty amazing! Church is true! haha Love my mission and I love all of you! Thanks for all the love and support! Elder Karl<3 

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