Monday, October 27, 2014

Getting settled in ST. Quentin!

Hello everybody!!! Sorry i didn't write one last week a lot of crazy stuff has been happening! First of all I got midnighted so now I am in a new ville called St.Quentin. It is just a little north of Paris so that is cool. There was a problem between some missionaries and I got sent here to try and make it better so wish me good luck! I am now with a new companion named Elder Smith.
New comp Elder Smith
He is from Boise Idaho and is super cool. We get along really well and have a lot of fun together! So I can't complain! My new ville we have a ward!!! Ya first time in like 9 months since I have been in a Ward. It is super legit and all of the members are super excited to work with the missionaries and to get some new members so it should be super good! So this week we have been lost like everyday because elder smith has only been here 3 weeks before me so we are both new to this ville and we are just always lost but it's a lot of fun. Also I am still District leader and Elder Earnshaw who is from my mtc group is new my district so I will get to do exchanges with him so that will be cool! I hit my YEAR mark this week on the 30th of October so happy one year! Man time has gone by so fast no joke. I know the next year is gonna go by even faster too so I am excited to see what is next! I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween and I love you all and miss you all! Elder Karl
Last week with Beck! 
Riding with the top down!! 

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  1. That's cool. And quite a fab pose in you pic with Elder Beck. Glad you're enjoying yourself.