Monday, May 26, 2014

50 new people to teach!

Hello everyone!!! First of all I have to start off by saying I LOVE THIS CHURCH! And I LOVE BEING A MORMON! This week I have heard a lot of good news from home that a lot of my family members that are not in the church are looking into it and going to church on sunday! So I am so grateful to the lord for hearing my prayers and for blessing me soooo much! I love my mission and everything it has done for me and for my family! This week I had to buy new pants! For a lack of words I blew out my pants with my big butt haha. But thats okay because I got new ones:)! Also I got a haircut from a french lady! It was a little expensive but totally worth it! So much fun haha i was trying to explain what I wanted and we ended up deciding that I wanted to look like David Beckham. So yeah it went great. Also this week we found a lot of new people to teach! One of who is named Tommy he is so cool. We helped him move on saturday and he was so thankful that he invited us to this huge BBQ with nothing but africans! My companion and I were the only white people there and had tags and a tie on haha! But they loved us and were so nice! And we are meeting them next saturday too! Hello 50 new people to teach ;)! The lord is amazing and I am so lucky to be here and getting to experience these things! However this week I had the Crêpe special!
    Before and After Crêpe special! 

I can not go into much detail because I promised to never tell what is inside but it was rough! I will never do it again but I have joined the club that only Brest missionaries can join! It was rough haha I threw up like 20 times but it was very very funny! It is made by a member in Brest and is only for the missionaries she likes haha! So much fun! Great week though and so grateful for all of you and for this church! CHURCH IS TRUE!!!<3 love you all - Elder Karl  
Hogwarts or just a high school in France, you be the judge 

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