Friday, May 16, 2014

Some cool sights!

Hello everybody hope you are all doing well. This week was so amazing, i love my mission.So on P-day we went to an old military castle that then was used for a prison then as a military fort again haha. It was just amazing and sooo big. 

Also this week we had zone conference and we had to wake up at 4 am because we had to walk to the train station because none of the buses run that early in the morning. But we made our train and went to Renne for Zone conference and had interviews with the mission president which went really well and was a lot of fun to be with all the other missionaries. Then after i went on an exchange with Elder Perez! He is french and is from the very south of france. He is so legit and made me laugh so hard! We went to a chinese buffet together and ate so much we almost got sick.
the life of a missionary ;). But also we found and taught a super cool guy from Paris.
the lord continues to bless me so much, why i will never know I don't deserve all these blessings but I am very grateful. The highlight of my week though was that I got to call home to my beautiful family! everyone is doing well and I love and miss them very much but they are the best and support me so much!<3 Love you all- Elder Karl

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