Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Avoiding the beach! :o)

Hello everyone! Everything is well in Brest, and I am doing great. This week we set a baptism date with a lady named mercy! She has 3 sons and she has come to church 3 times now!!! Really excited for her and can't wait to see what else is in store for her. Also this week our shower got fixed which makes me super happy. Being clean is a good thing ;). The weather here has been beautiful so we have been trying to contact at the beach as much as we can but we went this week and everyone was naked lol so... no more going to the beach haha! Also we found a guy named Fitzgerald he is from miami and is a rapper!
But he wants to change his life and to be baptized so thats awesome! He is so funny and loves when we come over! Super excited for him! Lastly we had a pet this week! We said a prayer before leaving the apartment like alawyas and when we opened the door a cat ran into our apartment!
He was very cute however we had to kick him out.. no pets as missionaires! But super fun week and love my mission and all of you! -Elder Karl 
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