Monday, June 9, 2014

Another story! lol

Hello all you beautiful sons and daughters of god! hope all is well, because it should be! Life is great and god is perfect! this week has been pretty crazy! First we did service for an older member! We had to wash his dog haha!
not the most life changing thing but was super funny and made him super happy! also this week we taught David alot! He is a french white guy! He has a baptism date for the 29th of june so i am hoping everything keeps going well with him! Also this week we met Manuel! He is a member from Peru! He has been looking for the church for 3 years! But everyone he talked to said their was no mormon church in Brest! But he saw us walking through town and ran up to us and was like... Elders!!! You are here! We were like yes.. haha but he was super pumped and wants us to teach his wife who is not a member so thats super awesome! God is great yeah!;) also this week we went to the dock and looked at some boats with an ami named vincint he is super cool!
And their was a dolphin right at the dock so it was super sick!
You ready for an awesome story because here it comes! so we got on the bus the other day nothing special! But this crazy guy gets up and just starts swearing at us and tells us to go back to america that we are not welcome and that we work for the devil and just swearing and yelling at us! But Elder Ricks and I just sit there and take it when all of a sudden 3 teenage girls start yelling at the guy and telling him to leave us alone and that he needs to get off the bus! He just keeps going at us then a really buff 20 year old guy gets up and says to the guy Leave now! In french of course but he says leave and makes the guy get off the bus! Then I went up to each one of them and thanked them for standing up for me and having my back and that were all like no problem you guys are with us:) God sent us angels to protect us on the bus because we could not do anything as missionaries  It was truly amazing and I will always be grateful to those people who protected us!<3 I love my mission! Love you all - Elder Karl  

Cool spray paint thing down by the ocean 

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