Monday, June 16, 2014

Beautiful weather!

This week was pretty solid! The weather has been really beautiful so yes that means I got sunburned lol. So I have a pretty sick farmers tan going on right now! And have been sweating a lot in my tie and white shirt but I am just thankful I am not in Africa or something! I don't know how missionary's do work in that heat. But things are good in France. David our amis with the baptism date is doing awesome! He has quit smoking and has taken all the lessons and loves church! He is so ready! his baptism is on the 29th of june and he is pumped! Such a cool guy the lord really does prepare people for the gospel and I am just lucky to be a part of it! Also this week we had a BBQ at our Branch Presidents house!
It went super well and we also taught a part member family and the husband wants to be baptized!!! YES!!! Life is good! I also got a package from my mom this week which was awesome!
Don't get any mail anymore so it was a nice treat! but I guess that's what happens when you start to be on your mission for a while! ça va! That's about it really sorry nothing too awesome but I love you all and thank you for the support!<3 Elder Karl

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