Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hello everyone!!!

Hello everyone!!! Another week has come and gone. lets get it started, First of all david passed his baptism interview and everything is a go for this sunday! It will be at the ocean too! I am so excited it is so amazing to see people that use to be strangers accept the gospel and become one of your best friends and someone you love! So happy for him. Also this week we went contacting down by the beach and found another trail and found a guy craving a boat out of a tree!
Wood sculpture!
Pretty legit. Also had Zone conference this week had to go all the way to Angers which is like a 6 hour train ride which was not fun in the summer heat.
But we got their and it was really beautiful city and also our last time with the mission president we get a new one this week!
Crazy things are gonna change so much! But we had to stay in Angers for the night and there were 14 other missionaries there too and we had a huge sleepover! i had no bed no pillow and no blanket! So not the best sleep in the world but it was a lot of fun! also this week was the fete de musique! Which is a huge music festival in all of france on the 21 of june! It was insane and a lot of fun talked to tons of people! Really great week! Love you all<3 

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