Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hey everyone this week has been pretty busy! Had a stake conference all the way in èvry so it took a good 2 hours by car and had to wake up super early for that. But it was good and had a fun time! Got to see one of my old companions Elder Miller he is super cool!
Miller and I 
So it was awesome to get to see him! Also this week I had to do an exchange with the zone leaders and it went really well! I was with an Elder named Elder christiansen! He is from Utah but he was way cool and we taught gabin and Sabrina together and they finally accepted a baptismal date! Yeah that makes 7 right now! Things are really starting to move along here! We have 2 baptism's this saturday so i hope it all works out and there are no problems! That's about all for this week sorry it's so short love you all! -Elder Karl<3 

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