Monday, September 15, 2014

Living the dream!

Hello everyone, not gonna lie this has been one of the best weeks of my
mission! You might be asking yourself why is that Elder Karl... Great
question random person reading this! I'll tell you why, First this week I
went to st. ouen which is right in Paris central to do an exchange with Elder Beck!
Elder Beck and Elder Karl

For those of you who do not know Elder Beck is my best friend in this mission also was my MTC companion  and i can say my best-friend in the whole country of France! So just to begin with I was a little excited for this exchange! We got to do a lot of contacting on the streets of Paris which is always a fun time.

Arc de Triumph
Eiffle tower 
You meet the most interesting people on your mission.

But we found a lot of people to teach and it was also strange that we can both
speak french now because in the MTC we could not even ask to go to the
bathroom! So it was super cool to see how far we have come since then. We
then later on in the night took our hour of dinner and hit the town and ate
at a nice french restaurant so you could say it was a date ;)! haha but it
was so much fun! Then the day after we had zone conference in Paris and
were there all day! I got to see so many people and almost all of my old
companions! I saw my trainer Elder Eldredge and he brought me a gift haha!
He pulls me into a side room and pulls out a huge garbage bag and i open it
and its a huge movie poster of Raiponce! Or in english Tangled!
Gift from Elder Eldredge
I almost had a heart attack! People just know me too well! So that was pretty legit and the conference went really well. Then on saturday we got to do a lot of service for this member in our branch and all of the young adults were there too! And after we were done we played soccer and basketball like all night and then had a huge feast and it was so much fun! All and all this week has just been so crazy but so much fun and I am loving every moment of it! Love you all and thank you for your support and prayers! <3 -Elder Karl

Chartres stuff 
Chartres stuff 

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