Monday, September 8, 2014

Hot food and Disney Princesses!

Hello everybody! This has been one of the most busy weeks of my mission! Right now we have 5 amis with a baptismal date so we are all over the place trying to make sure that they are all ready and that we are teaching them everything haha! But it is such a blessing to have so many people to teach and to just be sharing the gospel and this happiness with people. This week we saw Marc and Happy like almost everyday and they keep feeding us each time too! So i have been eating just african food for days and it is so freaking hot haha! I for real sweat and my face gets so red but they think its so funny! Because my companion is mexican and he loves hot food so everyone is just fine but then there is me who is almost at the point of death but i take it like a champ ;)! Also we met with our other amis Gabin and Sabrina and they went to disney land paris this week and they bought me gifts!!! They somehow found out that i love Disney and princesses and they bought me a postcard and a snow globe!
Princess gift
i think i spelled that wrong but ├ža va! But they are so awesome, our amis are like taking care of us and they are legit our bestfriends! It's so awesome to just have this opportunity to be here and to serve the lord I love it! Also I got in with the young single adults and now on saturday nights we will be playing basketball with them and they will be bring their friends who are not members so we can teach them! Pretty smart I know ;)! But things here could not be going any better! Seriously just such a wonderful blessing to get to serve a mission and to just give everything to the Lord! Also got a package from my mom! Thank you so much I loved it! That's all for this week though! Love you all! -Elder Karl<3 

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